Covid-19 Impact Statement

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As you are already aware, the Caronavirus (Covid-19) is impacting businesses of all types as our Nation grapples with how to thwart this terrible disease. As a marketing agency Smart Source Media is also not exempt from experiencing these same effects.  This due to a large part of our customer base in healthcare and higher education.  These very institutions while complying with CDC guidelines, are sending administrative employees home and in some cases redistributing practitioners as they experience reductions in patient loads.  In fact, the first known New Hampshire positive test of Covid-19  occurred in one of our top hospitals.  This being said, revenues for many of our clients are expected to be impacted negatively over these next couple of months.  Additionally there may be delays in our once normal operations schedule.   

This being said, our responsibility is to follow the CDC guidelines as they apply to us while conducting business as normal as possible.  Finally we ask all of our stakeholders for your patience and to join us in doing your part to fight this encroaching disease.  These are challenging times.  But remember, we are a nation of prosperity, not of defeat.    

My Best,

Ed Nasser, M.B.A. 
Founder & President

Marketing Solutions for Healthcare & Education 

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